About us

When love checks in…

To meet the right is sometimes not easy, when you meet the right one wants to create a life together, one believes that love overcomes everything. The dream of creating a family becomes reality. As a couple, you do everything to get there, but after many years of trying to have a child, we realized that it is not as easy as everyone believes.

The ignorance and the disappointment rained upon us. There was much commitment, drive, patience and willingness to understand, realize and to answer all the questions and concerns that came upon us. How is it possible for us to reach our dream together? For a period, it felt that the dream of having children was crushed.

There are situations that break the relationship because of the lack of understanding of how to deal with involuntary childlessness. Opportunities are available. In order to help other couples who are going to start their IVF treatment, we are here to support you. For us it is important that you as a couple get the opportunity to support in different ways.

Therefore, we created the fundraising fund for IVF. Help us spread the message together, we can reach our dreams and make it possible.

It’s time to break the silence!