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It is time that we break the silence together, it is time to help couples who are involuntarily childless to reach their dream of becoming parents. You can help them by donating.

The Foundation for IVF

The Foundation’s purpose is to provide contributions to private individuals for IVF treatment. Contributions can be given to women and men over 25 years, in order to receive a grant, a certificate is required from a women’s clinic, county council or fertility clinic on the need for IVF treatment.

In addition, special support for education, development and research can be given for these purposes. Aid can either be paid as a grant or that the foundation handles a gift.

Provides contributions to you who want IVF treatment

Spreads knowledge of IVF and involuntary infertility

Supports research and education about IVF

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Did you know that there are more than 13.000 IVF treatments made in Sweden every year? As a result, around 4.000 children are born.

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Did you know that Louise Brown was born in England in 1978, as the first child in the world to be born through test tube fertilization. This became a success since test tubes have increased, it is estimated that there are more than 5.000.000 children born through the method. Nathalie, Louise’s little sister, was also born after an IVF treatment.

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Did you know that prices for investigations and treatments can vary, between county-funded and privately-funded IVF treatment.

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